Functional music – psychologically effective sound at the point of sale

The usual background noise consisting of sped-up format music, scanner sounds, a babble of voices and clattering shopping trolleys means continuous stress for your customers and staff, since 40% of all environmental impressions are perceived through the ears.

To reduce the acoustic stress, we have developed psychologically effective functional music specially optimised for retail. It is played right at the edge of human perception. Our sound has a decelerating effect, relaxes your customers and is proven to boost sales.

Acoustic category management

New vegetables sound different to old wine! Just as you design your light or your furniture individually for the different product groups, with the ReAct solution you can now also place “acoustic light” in your store in a targeted manner. In this way, the right acoustic key stimuli are staged for the right product groups.

How sound changes the shopping experience

The speed of music plays a crucial role in consumer behaviour. The speed of our soundscapes is considerably slower than that of previously used pop music. This effect, proved in many studies, slows the customers down and extends their stay duration.

Danish author Martin Lindstrom demonstrated this impressively in the adjacent video.