In the retail environment, information constantly emerges that requires an immediate reaction from your employees. Whether a customer uses a service bell, the queue for the till becomes too long, the reverse vending machine goes on strike or one of your refrigerators reports an error, the ReAct Call to Action platform ensures that this information reaches the competent employee in real-time.

smart supermarket call to action

ReAct Communicator

One app – many terminal devices

We use modern smart watches, mobile telephones or tablets to ensure smooth communication in your market. You and your staff remain in permanent, frictionless contact via the ReAct app. With pre-defined text messages or via simple speech messages.

Supermarkt Kommunikation Kundenberatung

Efficiency 4.0

Your staff are divided into individually addressable expertise teams. For example, “Fruit & Vegetables”, “Wine Department” or “Garden Department”. In this way, the ReAct platform sees to it that the right employees are always reached for specific tasks. If one employee assumes a task, the rest of the team are informed immediately to avoid double journeys.

Studies have shown that up to 75% of journeys on the floor can be saved through effective communication between employees.

Mitarbeiter Kommunikation

Direct communication

Communicate with every member of staff, regardless of their location.
Professionelle Durchsagen im Supermarkt


Play store announcements conveniently from anywhere using your device.


Receive status messages from devices or other information in real-time directly to your device.

Recording function

Record announcements, direct messages and group-specific messages directly with your device.

Distribution of tasks

Distribute tasks to groups and individuals or pass on tasks conveniently.

Efficiency increase

Clear distribution of tasks saves the employees time and increases efficiency.

Flexible, modular and powerful

We would be happy to advise you on how the ReAct platform can best be used in your retail environment. New functions and IoT interfaces are regularly introduced, meaning that your ReAct system always adapts to the rapid developments in modern retail.

Professional voice announcements

Thanks to the ReAct system, over 80% of all conventional voice announcements become superfluous. However, when you do want to speak to your customers: with ReAct, standard announcements are professionally recorded. Your staff can play them stress-free at any time via our app.